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Defining Excellence in the Barber and Shave Products Market

Barber Tools

Discover how xWEBING perfected the digital experience for Barber Tools, a leader in distributing supplies for barber shops and hair salons in Romania and a direct importer of prestigious brands such as Reuzel, Lavish Care, Slick Gorilla, and Denman.

The Barber Tools online store has been meticulously designed and developed to meet the specific requirements of individual customers (B2C) and industry professionals (B2B), with one of its main objectives being to align with the expectations of each customer segment.

Barber Tools: Digital Age Elegance

Since 2015, Barber Tools has been redefining the art of barbering, and in partnership with xWEBING, has embraced digitization through an innovative online store: www.barbertools.ro. This move has facilitated accessibility and sophistication, enhancing the online shopping experience.

xWEBING is the digital architect behind the platform, making Barber Tools a benchmark of modernised tradition. xWEBING is the creative force behind the platform, turning Barber Tools into a model of tradition brought up to date.

The Challenge

Scope and Major Objectives

The main challenge of the project was to develop, within a short timeframe, a B2C and B2B online store (aimed at professionals in the field), while constantly considering the client’s previous unsatisfactory experiences with other agencies. Additionally, it was crucial to integrate campaigns and promotions logically and seamlessly into the new infrastructure to ensure the system’s coherence and efficiency.

Our Solution: A Scalable and Responsive Online Store

Key Services/Solutions Delivered

To meet the challenge of developing a robust and adaptable online presence, our approach was methodical and focused on the client’s specific needs. We focused on key aspects that ensure not only the satisfaction of the business’s immediate needs but also the establishment of a solid foundation for its ongoing growth and future evolution.

Barber Tools: Digital Age Elegance

The result was a scalable digital solution in the form of an ecommerce website, which not only met the immediate needs of the business but also laid a solid foundation for its continued growth and future development.

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The Customer's Voice: Barber Tools' Experience with xWEBING

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