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Insights from Real Projects

Our Projects: The xWEBING Portfolio

Wondering if custom software development could benefit your business? Where should you begin and what should you expect? Let’s discover together by exploring the success stories of xWEBING’s clients, who have turned challenges into remarkable achievements with our digital solutions.

Online Store

Weider Romania

Since 1936, WEIDER has been at the forefront of developing innovative dietary supplements, gaining consumer trust through an unwavering dedication to quality, science, knowledge, and reliability.

By implementing this philosophy, we had the privilege to develop the online store weider.ro for Weider Romania. Our project was guided by the same values of innovation and excellence that define WEIDER, providing a digital platform through which consumers can easily access the products they need to support their fitness goals and a healthy lifestyle.

Online Store

Barber Tools

Barber Tools, a leader in the distribution of premium consumables for barber shops and hair salons, has been redefining the art of barbering with high-quality and innovative products since 2015. The company has committed to equipping professionals with everything necessary for exceptional services, and has strengthened its position through partnerships with brands such as Uppercut Deluxe and Y.s. Park.

Discover xWEBING’s contribution to the sustainable growth of Barber Tools through the development of a versatile and scalable B2C and B2B online store.

Course Management Platform

NLP Course

MARIUS SIMION and HORIA RADU, two prominent figures in the field of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), inspired the creation of the CursNLP platform by xWEBING. Marius, founder of NLPmania.ro, and Horia, an expert in communication at LimbajulNonVerbal.ro, have shared decades of expertise and innovation.

xWEBING met the challenge by building a course management platform that connects the NLP community, providing instant access to valuable resources for personal and professional development.

Online Store

Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Balkan Pharmaceuticals, a major player in the pharmaceutical market of Eastern Europe, takes on a leadership role through innovation and dedication in the production of medicines, dietary supplements, and medical devices. With three strategic production facilities and a vast portfolio, the company continuously improves the quality of life while adhering to and fulfilling the highest quality standards.

In collaboration with xWEBING, Balkan Pharmaceuticals has opened a new chapter of success by developing a new online store that supports the company’s sustainable growth and expands access to innovative health solutions.

Navigating Together Through Technical Complexity

Free Consultation for Clarity and Support

We know that the initial step into the online world can seem overwhelming, especially when faced with technical terms and important strategic decisions.

That’s why, at xWEBING, we welcome you with a free consultation session. Our goal is to turn complexity into clarity, to answer all your questions, and to make you feel comfortable and confident in your endeavors.

Together, we will unravel the technical terms and finalize the details of our collaboration, ensuring that every step towards the online success of your project is well understood and fully supported.

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